Work lights

THE LIGHTS gathers work lights from leading brands. Sae, Bullboy, Bullpro, Ocean vision and Eco selections offer wide range of lights for all consumer and professional applications. Range covers ADR approved products, CISPR-25 class 5 work lights and bar type lights up to 57 600lm monstrous lightning power.

Auxiliary lights

THE LIGHTS brings together powerful brands of auxiliary lightning: Seeker, X-Vision, C-Bright and W-Light (W). A Finnish team of professionals has been involved in product development, choosing the correct components, design and especially the light pattern for our products. Durability and the optimum lighting for Northern conditions have been achieved without compromise. Yet THE LIGHTS can offer solutions for every price bracket. The products have been successful in many respected auxiliary light tests. Thousands of vehicles have already been equipped with our lights because of their excellent quality-price ratio. Professionals have chosen our lights for emergency vehicles all over Finland and the Baltics because they provide high performance in the most demanding conditions. THE LIGHTS consists of both LED and Xenon auxiliary lights. We provide a wide selection of round and bar-type auxiliary lights in many sizes and with a power range from 16 watts right up to 300 watts.


Ledwise is a finnish lightning brand providing head lights and handheld lights. High quality components used in these products ensure the working in extreme conditions. Professionals, athletes, authorities and everyday users choose to use Ledwise in their activities.


THE LIGHTS warning lights consist of beacons, lightheads and warning light bars for all applications. Top class quality selection consists covers akk possible approval needs. THE LIGHTS warning light brand are popular Axixtech, ECCO, Legion and Truck vision.